PRP for Face and Hair

PRP is an effective non-surgical treatment for those who experiencing hair loss problems. The Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Treatment is carried out by taking the patient’s own blood, then separating the platelet from platelet poor plasma (PPP), RBC and GRs via centrifugation. The platelet rich plasma is then collected and can be applied. Platelets are well known to release growth factor that is ideal for natural healing.  Currently it has been used for skin rejuvenation and hair growth which is considered as minimally invasive and very safe.

PRP Hair Treatment is also a preferred option because the procedure is completely natural and recovery time is much faster than other surgical and non-surgical procedure.  More people are looking at the natural way to stimulate hair growth rather than artificial and using unproven medications.

The whole PRP harvest and preparation process is simple and the entire procedure typically takes approximately 30 minutes which is much shorter than other procedures.  At Serenity we make sure that the process will have minimum discomfort and with utmost care for our beloved clients.  We have specialized rooms, qualified staffs and dermatologist to do this procedure.

Proven by thousands of customer around the globe, PRP in Dubai is gaining popularity mainly because of its effectiveness and safety. Also known as Vampire Facelift to some people because of extraction from your own blood and using its plasma to heal your skin.

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PRP treatment for face and hair
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(Recommended number of sessions 3,once in a month)
Price Per Session
PRP—Eclipse (1Kit)2000 AED/-
PRP—Eclipse (3Kit)4000 AED/-
PRP—HC Eclipse (1Kit)2500 AED/-
PRP—HC Eclipse (3Kit)5000 AED/-
PRP—PRT Face (1Kit)1000 AED/-
PRP—PRT Face (3Kit)2500 AED/-
PRP—PRT Face + HA (1Kit)2000 AED/-
PRP—PRT Face + HA (3Kit)4000 AED/-
PRP—PRT Hair (1Kit)1500 AED/-
PRP—PRT Hair (3Kit)3000 AED/-
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