Q Switch Laser Treatment

 Advanced Q switch laser system is used for removing tattoos, dark spot, melasma pigmented lesion non-ablative resurfacing. Fractional hand piece use in Q switched laser system decreases thermal damage in the dermis thereby reducing side effects and pain allowing for fast healing and recovery time.

Q Switch laser system is the best and safe solution for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal is always time consuming and requires lots of attention.

Instructions that must be followed

  • Do not expose to sun after treatment – It may lead to infection
  • Must be done properly by a qualified dermatologist – Improper treatment may cause permanent scarring on affected area.

 Serenity Medical Center is committed to giving you perfect skin solutions for pigmentation problems of your skin including tattoo removal which a lot of people are really concerned. Unlike other clinics, we give you the best non-invasive and safe tattoo removal procedure in Dubai.

Curas Laser Treatment Dubai
Get in touch with the clinic to arrange a consultation with our dermatologist.


(Recommended number of sessions 4, once in a month)
Laser Hair Bleaching Face and Neck (A4 Paper Size) 600 AED/-
Laser Hair Bleaching Body ( 3 Area) 1200 AED/-
Laser Carbon Peeling (Face - Hands - Small Area) +Carbon 40AED 500 AED/-
Laser Tattoo Removal (S- eyes) 300 AED/-
Laser Tattoo Removal (M - Full Hand or Leg ) 1500 AED/-
Laser Tattoo Removal (L) 2500 AED/-
Laser Melasma Treatment 600 AED/-
Laser Age Spot Face 600 AED/-
Laser Freckles Treatment 700 AED/-
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