Bath & Facial Care

At Serenity Personal care Center, we provide different bath and facial care services for women.Moroccan bath is one of the best among them. Its a popular preference of people who like to have cleansing bath with exfoliation. It actually deep cleanses, whiten and soften the skin using our selection of scrubs and oils while It also helps to relax the tired nerves and muscles while enhancing the blood circulation of the body.

Basic skin care is important to maintain that youthful look. With a lot of pollution happening in our environment, our skin absorbs these dirt and pollutants and usually very hard to remove. With Serenity we offer different type of facial in our Dubai Marina branch, starting from basic facial to a more extensive cleansing and nutrient delivery. Our classic facial  is a regular treatments for deep cleansing , soothing, purifying, radiance, lifting and Anti Ageing and a lot more. Usually takes around 60 minutes more or less is a classic way to pamper your face.

Image by Spencer Davis