Body Fat Reduction Treatments

Body contouring is a treatment for certain body fats in the body to eradicate. There are lots of factors that increases cellulite deposits on our body. Ageing process slows down our metabolism and our skin gets saggy as it gets older. As most problematic areas of our body are hard to reach and sometimes resistant to diets and exercise, this treatment is the best solution.

At Serenity Cosmetic & Personal Care Center, we offer contouring for both face and body. Benefits of Body Treatments are as follows:

  • Our body treatments make it possible to target and slim specific areas especially those areas affected by cellulite.

  • Body Contouring treatment allows the release of fats and smoothen cellulite on our body.

  • It also firms the consistency of our skin and naturally giving you well-toned and supple areas.

  • Endermologie Body Treatments don’t just enhance the quality of your skin but it actually helps in the blood and lymphatic circulation giving stimulation and mobilisation to the surrounding parts.


With this feature, Serenity Cosmetic and Personal Care Center and Medical Center branch at Dubai Marina can help with body contouring, skin firming and skin rejuvenation, especially to our loyal customers in Dubai. As a completely natural method, this treatment is well recommended for people having sensitive skins.

We have a dedicated LPG treatment room with relaxing ambiance and customer friendly staff ensuring a pleasant day with us.