Face counturing treatments

Most of us, are always exposed to damaging effects of the sun and pollution, not to mention if you are smoking and always under a lot of stress. Sleep plays a major role in our body’s recovery and healing which definitely includes skin. We should never under estimate the power of sleep and rest, it may sound so simple but to others might be a lot of challenge. In combination of all these factors our skin will suffer and lose a lot of its nutrients and it will very visible in our face. Again diet and sometimes regular facial offers little help to fight aging and wrinkles.

Endermologie Treatments is an effective anti ageing treatment for face.The patented  treatmeant head uses micro pulsation technology on the surface of the skin and There are lots benefits from using Endermologie on the face

  • Naturally promotes collagen production and blood circulation by stimulation.

  • It exfoliates, oxygenate, clarify and rejuvenate the skin at the same time

  • It can also smoothen facial cellulites and contour jaw lines which are very hard to reach


Our Face contouring services has been used by hundreds of people in Dubai and it has been proven safe and effective. While we do the procedure we make sure that you are in your most relax state which is also important for healing and cell repair. Aside from a dedicated room, we have relaxing music and complimentary foot massage ensuring your visit is worth your while.