Hair removal

Hair Removal Treatment has been the top choice for getting rid of unwanted hair. Hair removal usually requires 6 to 8 sessions before achieving the desired results. Energy is directed towards the skin and destroys melanin which is responsible for hair growth and color. It varies from person to person’s response. Our machine Gentle Max pro is considered the safest in the world with a unique Dynamic Cooling Device that assures a smooth procedure with minimum discomfort making it the choice of not just people in the region but also across the world. Our machine is both Alexandrite and ND Yag which can cater to all skin types and is popular in Dubai with facial hair removal, underarm and beard line for men to name a few and of course full body hair removal. This procedure lasts from 15 minutes for specific parts to more than 2 hours for full body. There are certain things to avoid after each session, like exposure on the sun is not recommended.

Serenity Cosmetic and Personal Care Center in Dubai Marina offers Hair Removal Packages for both men and women, our package includes from full body to specific areas where you don’t want the hair to be growing. Our packages allow you to save more money for multiple treatments and assure continuity of the program thereby assuring us of its expected result which is permanent hair removal. Serenity has a specific laser treatment room all designed for your convenience and privacy and together with our qualified technician, your visit will always be a pleasant one.