Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment

Serenity Medical Center has an extensive treatment for hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. This mesoestetic treatment  has been proven very effective skin depigmentation treatment even in resistant cases that have failed all other types of treatment. It can be applied in any season and is compatible with all types and shades of skin. It is completely safe and the pigmented patches will usually disappear in a short period of time.

Hyper-pigmentation is the abnormal production of melanin, uncontrolled and localised effect on our skin leaving us  with irregular skin which does not only bares the physical but emotional stigma of having uneven skin or dark spots.
Initial procedure is done in the clinic by our dermatologist together with a home skin care program. Clinically proven by thousands across the globe.

At Serenity Medical Center your Cosmetic and Personal Care center, we can help you with this alarming skin conditions. You don’t have to suffer anymore, with our qualified doctors and skin specialists we will make sure that you can have the perfect skin that you have been dreaming of.