Skin Renewal Therapy for Skin & Scalp

Skin Renewal Therapy and hair restoration is done by harnessing the  power of youthful cells. This procedure reverse damage of skin and support skin health long term. This self renewal ability of the said procedure help for hair restoration, skin Rejuvenation, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and other skin conditions that can be naturally healed.

Skin renewal treatment is an efficient treatment for enhancing hair growth and those who suffers from hair loss and baldness.Hair restoration can be done by stimulating the area on hair follicles.
Skin Renewal therapy is an effective and non surgical treatment for skin rejuvenation. Damage from the sun, acne scars and inflamed skin can be treated using this procedure.

This therapy is best hair restoration and Skin rejuvenation. We  deliver serum into the skin, ensuring absorption and efficacy. This minimally invasive and safe procedure can be done at least once a month up to 3 or 4 treatments or as recommended by our dermatologist. Personally performed by our doctors with extensive experience in dermatology ensuring the proper way for the best result .
Serenity Medical Center in Dubai is one of the few that offers this service in Dubai Marina area .