Velashape Treatment

VelaShape III is an effective treatment for cellulite reduction, body contouring and skin tightening. VelaShape III has been proven by thousands of people across the globe. The before and after reports are so profound that it has been a very popular procedure in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.

VelaShape III is a best solution for skin dumpling in women. Fat deposits on areas of the body which are hard to reach by diet and nutrition alone, like the belly and areas of the leg or whichever areas you can focus for reshaping can be targeted by VelaShape III. It is very safe, effective and with no downtime. With short treatment sessions, VelaShape III treatment gives you outstanding results with very high satisfactory rates.

Four different technologies including infrared, Bi Polar, RF and Mechanical tissue manipulation with pulse vacuum and rollers are used in VelaShape III treatment. Combination of these technologies enables VelaShape effectively reduce circumference on specific body parts and tightening of skin and achieve a high satisfactory results.